Boombox messenger bag

Cereallad @ Craftster made a functional boombox messenger bag for his iBook, he writes – “Basically I hollowed out the boombox, added hinges and clasps, created a foam interior, created a strap attachment, and… well, attached a strap. Now it holds my ibook and one or two other books. With rudimentary electronics skills, I wired the boombox to play music from the laptop or from any ipod/walkman/etc that you place inside. I added a small amplifier that I found on some toy speakers to increase the sound volume and quality. Don’t worry, I respect others when I play music. It’s my school backpack first and foremost.” [via] – Link.

8 thoughts on “Boombox messenger bag

  1. maybe, i didn’t see it in our archives first search, but i used our other search and just found it 10/2005 so – most people who read MAKE now, didn’t read MAKE then, so it’s ok, i think..

  2. Here’s a question

    Why do these modders not realize that it is not OK to have a computer in the proximity of powerful magnets (which most speakers have) for extended periods of time. He’s probably screwing up that lovely Mac in the long run.

  3. I’m thinking that if he wanted to hack up the Mac to turn it into a boom box in the first place, he’s probably not all that worried about the magnets ruining it in a couple of years. We all know that you just buy a new Mac instead of upgrading it anyway. :)

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