Heat activated color changing paint

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This heat activated color changing paint looks like it would be a lot of fun for projects, a tub/shower that changes color based on temperature is awesome – “Eclipse is a single event heat reactive basecoat that changes from Black to White or from Blue to White. Eclipse can be sprayed through any standard paint equipment. For the most brilliant white change, Eclipse should be applied over a white base. For unlimited possibilities try putting a Candy Concentrate over the Eclipse.” [via] – Link.

16 thoughts on “Heat activated color changing paint

  1. That tub in amazing. Now what I’m not sure of is if it’s $250 / pint amazing. Not to mention the durability on a tub.

  2. Wow. my fiancée and I were just talking about this idea (paint that changes colour in response to heat) a couple of weeks ago.

    I had said that I wondered if it was possible (read: feasible) because it could potentially create great energy savings. For example, paint that’s white when it’s hot and black when it’s cold. You could then paint the roof of a building with the stuff and, as the temperature changes, so would the amount of heat reflected/retained by the building.

    It’s cool to see that the idea is possible, even if it isn’t necessarily practical.

  3. The roof idea is great unfortunately you would want it different for each season. In the summer you want white when hot to keep it cool and save on AC and in the winter you want it black when hot to save on heating. Could work well in tropics and the arctic though.

  4. If the black to white change could be tuned to occur around 70 deg F it would work year round.(Black below 70 and white above)Even better if it had a middle grey range of about 10 degrees.

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