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The most powerful diesel engine in the world

Rta96C Crank
We’ve covered tiny engines, steam engines… here’s one of the biggest diesel engines – “The Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C turbocharged two-stroke diesel engine is the most powerful and most efficient prime-mover in the world today… It is available in 6 through 14 cylinder versions, all are inline engines. These engines were designed primarily for very large container ships. Ship owners like a single engine/single propeller design and the new generation of larger container ships needed a bigger engine to propel them… Even at it’s most efficient power setting, the big 14 consumes 1,660 gallons of heavy fuel oil per hour.” [via] – Link.

12 thoughts on “The most powerful diesel engine in the world

  1. nitsogar says:

    so even if that thing is crusing along at an astonishing 60mph thats like… almost 28 Gallons per mile and I thought 16mpg was bad.

  2. ildenizen says:

    True… then again, not most of us pull as much bulk as one of those babys. Would be interesting to get the weight factored into the mpg number.

  3. lwatcdr says:

    Well a large container ship could carry at least a thousand people or two.

  4. TitaniumFrog says:

    Man….How would you turn one of those over to get it started….thats a big engine.

  5. Takato says:

    using another engine

  6. Daniel Dean says:

    Hi im a high school student working on a project for the history of diesel motors any ideas for me to include in my paper?

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