IFF – Business Card Sponge Opening


If you are in the Los Angeles area this weekend, head on over to the Institute for Figuring’s new exhibit opening, The Business Card Menger Sponge by Dr. Jeannine Mosely. The exhibit will be on display from August 26 – September 24, 2006 at Machine Project (1200 D North Alvarado, Los Angeles). From the site: “Menger’s Sponge – named for its inventor Karl Menger and sometimes wrongly called Sierpinski’s Sponge – was the first three dimensional fractal that mathematicians became aware of. In 1995 Dr Jeannine Mosely, a software engineer, set out to build a Level 3 Menger Sponge from business cards. After 9 years of effort, involving hundreds of folders all over America, the Business Card Menger Sponge was completed. The resulting object is comprised of 66,048 cards folded into 8000 interlinked sub-cubes, with the entire surface paneled to reveal the Level 1 and Level 2 fractal iterations.Link.

This Weekend:

Opening: Saturday August 26, 7-10pm

Lecture: Sunday September 10, 8pm – “Structural Considerations of the Business Card Sponge” by Dr Mosely.