SMS remote control

Sms Remote Control

Serasidis says, “Control up to 8 electric-electronic devices with a simple SMS. The state of the controlled device can be ON, OFF or Reset. Useful for long distance device control.Link.

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  1. Even better, how about controlling your car; onstar style.

    You could lock/unlock doors, arm/disarm alarm, roll up/down windows, start car. Endless options! All it would take is an inexpensive pay as you go cell phone.

  2. you can use most sony ericsson cell phones, they have very easy to interface serial and AT commands. Some models have Text mode, so you don’t have to format the data into PDU, just straight text.

  3. yeahh, ask here in spain… a sort of this thing is what they used to detonate the bombs on the metro on the march 11 terrorist attack….

  4. edgarg, my oven kitchen timer can set off a bomb, what is your point? There’s just as many positive things this can be used for.

    I have made something simliar to send GPS coordinates to track a vehicle (incase it’s ever stolen).

  5. hi ktekx!
    i wanna know a specific Sony Ericsson mobile phone (below $100) which can be used in SMS remote controlling upto 8 devices(if not 8 atleast 2 devices)

  6. Hey please anybody help me…. i wanna know that if i wish to form a circuit as Serasidas( made it. Can i use Sony Ericsson J300i instead of Ericsoon T10…i have found the AT commands of this mobile phone, but still i doubt that if i will use this Sony Ericsson J300i instead of Ericsson T10 then it will bug..I FEAR..
    SO PLEASE HELP ME…if u want to visit Serasidas Link, so here it is

    I shall be grateful!

  7. hi!
    Please anybody help me out as i have posted a comment regarding the SMS Remote Controller as designed by Serasidas,his website is:

    let me repeat my question/query,
    since Sir Serasidas has been using an antique Ericsson T10 in his projectr i.e. SMS remote controller….what i wanna know is that if i can alter his project by introducing Sony-Ericsson J300i instead of Ericsson T10 (since i have the AT commands for Sony Ericsson J300i)…Would this work fine, or it could lead to some other complication..
    I shall be grateful to anyone who shall answer this query..i have finish my project,as soon as possible

  8. Does anyone know how to modify this circuit so that it will have a confirmation or feedback when the t10 receives the messege and activates the device? please help…

    Im trying to make it as a school project and our teacher wants us to add a ton of features, I think he wants a mind controll through sms device…

  9. i want to know sony ericson data transfer protocol for example 1 level is data enable 0 level is data transfer disable which on is cleared 1 st memeory location of sony ericson can you explain about it

  10. I can’t find the microcontroller here in kathmandu market can it be run in at89c51 microcontroller ?
    and how coding can be done in it?

  11. can i using SMS remote control to control remote control i using other phone to control such as sony ericssonT100.thx

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