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Monocopter – Personal flying suit project


This site documents the efforts of Andreas Petzolt who is designing and building a turbine-powered personal flying suit. Thanks to Richard Harding for sending this in! Link.

14 thoughts on “Monocopter – Personal flying suit project

  1. This guy has a couple of brass ones, that’s for damn sure.

    Are you allowed to nominate someone in advance for the Darwin awards?

  2. Mythbusters frequently fails to implement even basic design criteria into their projects. Meaning, false negatives (ie buried alive where they didn’t use a concrete vault).

  3. I’d love to see this guy’s calculations on this thing. Except for the points mentioned in TFA, this guy’s design looks pretty solid. I’m wondering if he could scale back his factor of safety tho, things look a little too beefy in some places – makes me wonder about his power:weight.

    His fin design, testing, and construction looks top notch!

    Serious props.

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