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Fake Model Photography

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It doesn’t take much to fool the mind of the viewer, but there are a few basic rules you can follow to help convince your audience that they’re looking at a railway set rather than the real world.Link

14 thoughts on “Fake Model Photography

  1. Great write up on this technique – tilt/shift photography.

    And of course there is a flickr pool too:

    Had success doing this sort of treatment to images using Flash 8 – using the filter applications and gradiant masks in multiple layers. Then dynamically changing them to add some zoom effects…

  2. im sorry, but is it only me that thinks the first picture looks better that the edited one? that one that they use for the post looks awful.

  3. I agree, RedEye. The end result looks like a normal picture with all but a band in the middle smudged.

    I think the effect he’s going for is a very narrow depth of field, but he fails at that, it looks blurred, not out of focus.

    Even if it did look like a narrow DoF, I don’t see why that should make it look like model.

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