Hey Crafters! CRAFT will soon be on the newsstands on October 17th! But subscribe now and you could be receiving yours even earlier in the mail. And why not? This issue is jam-packed with lots of really neat stuff you can make, inspirational crafter profiles, quick craft projects, DIY projects, and more! Where else can you crochet Beth Doherty’s amigurumi robot or read about embroidery queen Jenny Hart as she shows you how to embroider a skateboard. More projects include knitted boots, learning chainmail to make your own medieval armor, needlepoint bracelets, felting an iPod cozy, making a room divider, cat pad, silkscreening 101, and more!

You’ll get 4 quarterly volumes delivered to your door as well as access to the online digital edition for only $34.95 a year. What a deal! International subscriptions are available for $49.95 US. Use the MAKE4CRAFT code and receive a cool new CRAFT T-shirt. Link.

10 thoughts on “Subscribe to CRAFT Magazine

  1. Jess’ robots are knit and are on the cover. Beth gives us an amigurumi crochet version inside the mag. The feature article that has both their toys is really cool. Hope you get a chance to check it out!

  2. Hi Tigertea,
    Yes you can definitely subscribe to the magazine from Canada! You’ll also get a cool t-shirt too using the MAKE4CRAFT code.
    We will also have a much wider distrubtion in Canada with our next issue Vol 2.

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