Coming soon! MAKE build-your-own MP3 player…

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Ok gang, here’s a sneak preview (back) of the MAKE MP3 player we’re going to have for sale soon! More details to follow!

24 thoughts on “Coming soon! MAKE build-your-own MP3 player…

  1. oooooo i cant wait!!!!!!! will it have ide connection lcd when where what how!!! i need more info!!!

    can’t wait!!!

    please let us know



  2. On the picture of the circuit board you can see the url Check out the site, presumably the guy who’s designing this unit for Make. He has two other MP3 players designs, kits available. They look great and this Make one looks even better.

    I’m hoping all those pins will allow easy microcontroller interfacing (eg with Arduino) with only a few pins. And maybe some I/O pins to allow easy triggering of mp3 files storing sound effects, toy interaction noises, music notes, etc even without an external microcontroller — You get the idea.

  3. rick, you’re gonna be really happy :)

    thanks for the support and kind words, we’ll have some more posts soon!

  4. I hope you guys are going to make a whole bunch of these! I would hate for them to get backordered before I get a chance to order one (or two, or three :)!

  5. Here’s an off-the-wall question: How well does it fast-forward, and does it remember where you left off if you pause/stop it?

    Those two features are extremely important when I’m listening to long podcasts that run longer than my one-way commute.

  6. This is a very much needed product!

    I’ll gouge my eyes out if I have to use another Chipcorder analog recorder chip!

    Tearing apart cheap MP3 players and connecting relays/transitors as switches is another pain, and you don’t have very much control over what is going on.

    Having a simply programable MP3 player board based on CF card storage would be excellent!

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