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This art project/robot looks around for puddles of Coke, when it finds them it slurps it up, sprays it on itself and after the coke easts through its robot skin, it self-destructs. Poor little dude… – [via] – Link.


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  • Make Fire with a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar – Link.
  • Prom night tux made from Coke cans… – Link.

12 thoughts on “Self-destructing coke robot

  1. Well, that was a pretentious load of fetid dingo’s kidneys.

    Proving, yet again, that “art” is whatever the “artist” can get away with.

  2. Really, I just feel sorry for the robot. Be nicer to your mechanical friends.

    It does a very poor job of saying why Coke’s bad, anyway. Orange juice is more acidic, so, it would actually work ‘better’ (worse) in this demonstration.

  3. It’s a lot of effort to ge through to get a (weak) point across. Coke is bad for you. So is McDonalds. So id pollutution from driving a car. And don’t get me started on lead-selenium solder fumes!

    Well. Coke is bad for you if you drink more than what is reasonnable and you turn into a land whale (helped by too much McDonald)

    Point is, you should not fault corporation to try to push peoducts down your throat. You should fault the pea brained consumers who decide, willingly, to drink 7 gallons of soda per day on the grounds that people in the commercials all look healthy and under 140 lbs.

  4. It would have been more effective if that had done a demonstration using some thing that actually destroys lives, like alcohol.

  5. I was going to post about what I think about this. But everyone said what I wanted to say in a more effective and tactful manner.

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