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MAKE Flickr photo pool member csc934 wants to know – What would you do with fifty iMacs –

In the fall of 2006, there were a bunch of Imacs in the old girl’s locker room of the middle school. Nobody wanted anything to do with them, and since there were enough of them, it seemed like there might be something interesting we could do with them in the Build Repair class. Enough kids were interested in trying it out that we turned it into an event. The whole class went over to DMS to harvest the imacs. Two machines per kid, it seemed like an easy thing. Imacs are a bit heavy. It was a physical struggle to get them across the street. We survived.

So what would you do with 50 Imacs? They are mostly G3’s, some have OSX, some have OS9.

The deal with taking stuff of the loading dock or anywhere in the waste stream of the IT department is that if they don’t want it, we can have it. They don’t want to maintain it in the future if they chuck it. So they are free machines and have to leave the school. Not a bad deal…Link & wiki.