Check this out and then go check out the voice controlled christmas lights they made up! Well I’ve seen many “static” Christmas lights that always stay on. Today, I will show you how you can customize your Christmas lights by using a PLC, a Programmable Logic Controller.Link

8 thoughts on “Quick Computer Controlled Xmas Lights

  1. One safety question I have is that even though the black and white wires do not have polarity you should still need to keep in mind that the black is usually the “hot” wire and the white is usually the “neutral” one. If the relay disconnects the “neutral” wire your circuit could still be “hot” even with the lights off, just looking for a short circuit.

  2. I bought a few sets of adjustable electronic blinky lights for my tree a few years ago. After putting up with them for a couple years, I eventually sat down and stripped out the controller boxes to make the damn things *stop* flashing. Since then, every year I take them out of the box I feel good about it.

    Blinkenlights are for the server room, not the Christmas tree.

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