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Bond is back and with this week’s CRAFT Pattern Podcast, you too can knit yourself into a “Bond Girl” with this sexy tank. This pattern is an excerpt from Nikol Lohr’s new book, Naughty Needles: Sexy, Saucy Knits for the Bedroom and Beyond. You can also turn this knit tank into a fun dress by simply continuing to increase and knit to desired length. Then, Finish off the bottom with a few rounds of garter stitch.

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Naughty Needles Book Review and Interview with Nikol Lohr – Link.

6 thoughts on “CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Bond Girl from Naughty Needles

  1. This pattern begins with “knit cups as in basic top” — are you planning on posting that pattern as well? If not, this pattern is useless.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I’m contacting the publisher and working on adding that in soon. Will keep you posted.

  3. I’ve just uploaded an updated pattern that includes the basic top pattern. Please give it about 20 mins for it to copy over to the rest of the servers.
    – nat

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