Kits and Casemods – PDF Instructions

The Minty Boost Kit is a super first soldering project. It’s perfect for beginners because its got just a few parts and is something that’s practical. People who have had a lot of experience with soldering will be able to whip this up in no time flat. I’ve made two. The first one took me about an hour to make and the second one took me about half an hour. When I had a power outage this week, I charged my cellphone with this great gadget!

Make sure to download the pdf to see how I casemodded a dinosaur to make the “Minty-Saur.”


Then I made up the Daisy mp3 player which is an open source mp3 player that takes sd cards packed with my favorite music. When you’ve got the daisy all made up, it’s time to find a case.

I scoured Boeing Surplus and Goodwill and finally settled on a laser tag case, thus making this the Laser Daisy. Some of my other options were a seismometer, a child’s tape player and a robot.

Watch the video and make sure to download the 10 page pdf to get all the juicy details on how to make your own Minty Boost and Daisy mp3 player and then slap them into custom cases for fun! Or subscribe in itunes and it will be downloaded automatically for you! – PDF Link