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The Ravezooka

Benedetta Piantella Simeonidis and Lesley Flanigan “Ravezooka” –

“The Ravezooka is a musical weapon that shoots a wide range of powerful “hardcore” sounds based on your target’s distance from the instrument.

Hardware: Arduino, Ultrasonic Range Sensor, Infrared Proximity Sensor, Luxeon LED, amplifier, laptop computer

Sound: Resembles an analog synthesizer manipulating sine wave frequencies with the aggressiveness of a machine gun. User controls include the range of frequencies (based on distance of target), distortion effects (based on handle slider position), volume control (potentiometer dial), and on/off (handle trigger switch).

Design: A playful visual synthesis of a guitar and a bazooka, the Ravezooka is simultaneously a stylish musical weapon of audio destruction and fun with its solid canon shaped form, comfortable wearabilty, and fantastic hip looks! “Link.


  • Arduino projects @ MAKE – Link.

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