You thought the whole trebuchet thing was over? Nope! Here’s a video from british tv of a car flinging trebuchet. Of course before you fling a car, it appears to be standard procedure to shoot it with a gun! I’m guessing that they took the engine out first to lighten it up. – Link

18 thoughts on “Car Trebuchet Video

  1. It’s nice to see they don’t let a little thing like fire safety get in the way of a good time.

    I think the gun was mostly to make holes in the windshield and floor to run the cable through.

  2. They build it wrong. It needs either a swinging weight or to be on wheels to prevent excessive force on the axle.

    1. A swinging weight would be better, and it looks a bit small, the car is probably about a tonne, so the counterweight should be 100tonne, a vary ruff estimate is that it’s only 32tonne.

  3. These guys were featured in Car & Driver years ago. There was one great pic from the article, of the perfectly-shaped impression of a pig in the soil. Apparently, cars aren’t the only things these guys fling…

    As for the video, they need to work on their sling length and/or release angle- that car could’ve gone a lot farther.

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