Article07021 Title
Guido writes –

Originally I wanted to write the next article about a weather station based on the avr web server. Based on a request from a customer I decided then to develop this circuit first. The weather station comes next. There are a number of interesting aspects/problems here which could also be useful for developing other circuits.

  • Most LCD displays want 5V. The avr web server uses 3.3V
  • The simple “switch on/off a relay” circuit which was the only function provided by the avr web server until now did not require HTML-forms. I used simply 2 URLs http://baseurl/password/1 for switching on and http://baseurl/password/0 for switching off. This does not work anymore for the display as we want to type a text into a web page which should then be shown on the display. What is needed is a needed is a proper decoding of HTML form data. 07021, A LCD display with ethernet interface – Link.