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Interesting, a company (seems to be) using an iPod as a black box for airplanes…. With all these cars with iPod docks, it would be neat to have data logging on everything. Discuss in the comments!

Apple Computer’s popular iPod music player could become a flight data recorder (FDR) following an announcement by US light aircraft manufacturer LoPresti SpeedMerchants to introduce the device in the cockpit of its Fury piston aircraft.

The company says it plans the “full integration of the iPod into the Fury’s avionics systems”. The iconic ‘white box’ iPod will serve as a digital data recorder, nicknamed ‘black boxes’ by the general media. The iPod, with suitable software, acts as a hard disk with the ability to record over 500h of flight time data.

It was not immediately clear from the company’s statement which parameters would be recorded and for what purpose. Recorders are currently used to collect data for maintenance purposes through system monitoring, for post-flight analysis in training and safety-monitoring, and, when suitably protected, for crash investigation.

Apple iPod set to swap ‘white box’ for ‘black box’ as LoPresti launches data recorder version-22/02/2007-London-Flightglobal.com – [via] Link.


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