Giant Explosions REPRODUCED IN MINIATURE by home chemists

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This is great, a tiny grain silo explosion you can make yourself in your home lab, Popular Science 1933 –

HARMLESS, miniature explosions make experimenting with combustibles a thrilling, yet safe, amusement for the amateur chemist. With inexpensive homemade apparatus, he can duplicate the explosions in a gasoline motor and amuse his friends by burning air. When we say a substance burns, we imply that it combines with oxygen to produce heat and sometimes light. Hydrogen and carbon, as well as many other substances containing these two elements, display this property. A candle, for instance, is made of paraffin, a combination of carbon and hydrogen. When the wick is lighted, the paraffin melts and produces hydro-carbon gases, which decompose to form other inflammable gases and carbon.

Modern Mechanix » Giant Explosions REPRODUCED IN MINIATURE by Home Chemists – Link.


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