Last night Make: Magazine sponsored a dorkbot meetup in a tent just outside of SXSW in Austin.

Austin makers showed up and shared amazing machines, robots, and contraptions. I got their a little early and got a chance to take some video before it got super crowded. Austin makers have got it going on!

I interviewed Joe Diprima of The Geek Group about their singing tesla coils and I chatted with Craig Newswanger (who also plays with teslas) about his home made telescope!

Maker Faire is coming to Austin later this year and with these folks there, it’s going to rock!

Did you have a favorite thing you saw there that I didn’t mention? Drop a note in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Dorkbot Austin

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    This robot face was my favorite from last night. I’ve never seen such an expressive combination of sculpture and mechatronics.

  2. Those tesla coils were awesome! In the beginning, the guy from Geek Group said that they were hooked up to a laptop sound card… does this mean the sound card had a midi-out that they were sending to their interrupter, or whatever the first step was? Or… were they sending analog audio to some other sort of converter… The Geek Group website doesn’t seem to have info on this project…

  3. is there anything else goin on w/make for sxsw?
    this is the 2nd thing i missed that i dint hear bout
    till the afterwards…

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