In this special edition of the Weekend Project Podcast, Bre Pettis of Make: Magazine brings special guest Joe Grand to the podcast for the Awesome Electronics Workshop. Joe is a hardware hacker and shows you two simple projects to get you started programming with the basic stamp. Make an LED blink and make a little speaker to produce cellphone music.

If you download our programs and upload them to your own basic stamp you can make your own LED blink!

We’ve created a special easter egg in the form of a special medley of music in the rtttl cellphone ringtone program for your piezo buzzer to pump out of your microcontroller. What wacky tunes are on there? You can only find out if you upload the program to your basic stamp!

The programs are both zipped up here. Make sure to check out the pdf too!

Here’s an mp4 that plays on pretty much everything. Here’s a 3gp and 3g2 for people who like to watch on their phone! Of course if you subscribe in itunes, the videos and accompanying pdf get downloaded automatically for you, no muss no fuss. You can browse all the Make: videos on or on the weekend projects page at your leisure! – Subscribe Link