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Mentos geyser tube

Remember all the fun and glucose syrup flying around with the Mentos + Diet Coke adventures of late 2005? Now you can get this gadget that will help deliver the payload easier – fill it up, pull the string, blammo. Of course this is an easy (re)make, so have at it…

Mentos Geyser Tube – [via] Link.


  • Soda + Mentos = The Soda fountain – Link.
  • 200 liters of Diet Coke and over 500 Mentos mints – Link.

12 thoughts on “Mentos geyser tube

  1. here ya go–

    Mentos contain sugar, glucose syrup (more sugar), hydrogenated coconut oil, starch, gum arabic, an emulsifier and natural flavor. The gum arabic which makes Mentos chewy, cause the surface tension of the water molecules to break even more easily, releasing more carbon dioxide gas. This effect is enhanced by the fact that, as the candy dissolves, it forms nucleation sites — tiny pits on the surface of the mint where more carbon dioxide bubbles can form. When all this gas is released, it thrusts the entire contents of the bottle skyward, in an incredible soda blast

  2. Mythbusters did something similar to this with a tubular apparatus for dispensing mentos (yes, I used the word tubular in a sentence — correctly). The only difference is that they used a magnet, which also dropped a magnet into the soda bottle as well…

  3. The reason that Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage used the magnets was to make an airtight spout. With this pin system, cola will spew out the sides as well as at the top. Sure, things are easier this way, but for better results in directional spray, you may wanna go with the magnets.

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