Join the Sheepless Yarn Swap



Ok first off, how cute is this button? If you join the Sheepless Yarn Swap, you can adorn this on your site. Interweave is starting the swap as a part of Amy R. Singer’s fabulous wool-free knitting book, No Sheep for You.

From the site:

Participants in the No Sheep for You Secret Pals Skein Swap will receive two skeins of nonwool yarn–one in June and one in July 2007–from their anonymous secret pal; they also mail two nonwool skeins in two months to their assigned pal.

What qualifies as a nonwool skein for this swap? Thankfully there are tons of options now in the wide world of fibers: hemp, linen, cotton, silk, rayon, bamboo, corn, Lyocall, Modal, Seacell, soy fiber yarn, or skeins with any combinations of the above. As long as it is 100 percent nonwool, it qualifies.

Find out more about the Sheepless Yarn Swap here and sign up now before the May first deadline! Link.

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