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Allen spotted a good deal for a 16GB CF card… You could make your own flash memory based laptop with this!

I’ve been away from the blog for a while due to many different factors in my life … but I’m back now and I bring you a great deal on namebrand compact flash.

J&R Photo World is offering the Sandisk 16GB Extreme III Compact Flash card for $289.99 with a $130.00 Sandisk rebate making it only $159.99

Offer expires May 31st 2007 so act soon if you want a giant 16GB card for just over $150.00

16GB CF Card for $159 – O’Reilly Digital Media Blog – Link.

10 thoughts on “16GB CF card for $159

  1. The problem with flash cards are they are only good for a certain amount of read/write cycles. This is fine for photography, but I don’t think it would work to well as the “hard drive” of a laptop

  2. I agree with Kyle on this one. Although you may be able to load an OS on the CF disk, just don’t use it as the swap drive. The number of read/writes on an OS drive is pretty low compared to the swap file.

    I’ve been running a home NAS box (FreeNAS) for over a year now w/o any problems. The whole thing runs off a 32 MB CF card. I then have a few hard drive chucked in there for storage.

  3. re-write cycle limits used to be the problem with flash devices in the past, but new wear-leveling algorithms and sturdier flash cell technologies have made flash-based disks just about on par with mechanical ones.

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