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This week I teamed up with Xander Hudson to make PCBs. Besides being pretty, making your own printed circuit boards is fun and you can have a prototype board ready in a few hours.

First you need a design. There are a bunch of timer circuits in the latest issue of Make: that are begging for circuit boards. There are lots of designs online at places like

Eagle CAD has a bit of a steep learning curve, but it’s got a library of parts that you can drag and drop onto the board that make getting everything the right size and proportion easy.

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If you don’t want to design your own circuit, you can download all the source files, including a pdf, and print them out on a laser printer out to make the Make: Light. – Link (Zip File)

Also, make sure to download the pdf that goes along with this podcast that includes a great article by Andrew Argyle that includes material lists and step by step instructions. – Link

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14 thoughts on “Make Your Own Printed Circuit Boards – Make: Video Podcast

  1. Very nice, I’ve used this method before with varying degrees of success.

    I wonder, what are the smallest size traces that you’d be able to get using this method?

  2. in the make light on the schematics . what is —
    on blink jp1 . sum help wood be nice .

    can sum one till me what it is .

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