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The ybox is a kit for an internet-enabled set top box in an altoids tin. Originally presented as a proof of concept at Yahoo’s hackday, it developed into kits and workshops for 2007’s Maker Faire.

While the kits have sold out, Uncommon Projects will be hosting a free workshop for any New Yorkers who want to make their kits together with help and advice along the way. The ybox kit offers a unique marriage of microcontroller work with networking, ntsc video and web applications. Some basic soldering skills and familiarity with physical computing concepts is advised.

The workshop is open to anyone, with or without a kit. The first hour will be devoted to a hands-on kitmaking tutorial and then we will explore and discuss how to implement software for the device – Link.

The fun starts July 17th, 7pm – feel free to show up and watch or a bit later just to hang out – here’s how to get to the labs.