Sandpoint well project

Glen writes –

In our area, water is pretty expensive, and there is a 150% sewer charge on top as well. Also, the ground is pretty much sand except for about 6 inches of top soil that the developer puts down for the grass. The sand seems to leech the water out of the topsoil so the grass dies very quickly when it gets hot and dry in the summer. You need to water your lawn if you want it to survive – but it gets expensive quickly.

I did some quick calcs and figured that if I could get water from a well, paying just for the electricity to pump it, I could pay for a pump, and plumbing parts to put together a well in about 2 summers.

This concept is not new around here. Driven point wells are common in the area because of the sandy ground and a high water table. When I researched exactly how to put it all together, there didn’t seem to be a lot in the way of resources online so here is a personal account of my well project.

Sandpoint well project – Link.


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