When I was a kid, I lived for all of the science and tech kits I’d get for Christmas: the chemistry sets, the rocketry starter kit, the telescope set, the X-Acto hobby tool chest, etc. Today’s budding nerds get to experiment with hydrogen fuel cells, thanks to the Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Kit offered by Carl’s Electronics (for $125). Experiments include: “How to build a solar-powered car; Effects of direct and indirect radiation; Characteristics of a solar module; Electrolysis and its effect on water; Oxy-hydrogen test; How to construct and load a reversible fuel cell; Decomposition of water in the fuel cell; Qualitative and quantitative analysis of gas in a fuel cell; How efficient is electrolysis?; How light influences electrolysis; Solar electrolysis; Fuel cell-powered car.” I wonder if it’s too late to finagle one of these under my Christmas tree?

Fuel Cell Car Kit [via] – Link