Bonjour Crafters! This week we are traveling to France with these books that are très bien!
Simple Sewing with a French Twist by Celine Dupuy is a beautiful sewing book that captures the essence of French style for clothing or home decor. The photos are gorgeous and makes you wish you were living in that loft space in Paris. Some of my favorite projects are the French Wool Beret, Sweet Chemise, and the Brasserie Tablecloth which reminds me of all the kitchen linens we inherited from my husband’s grandmother who was a French craft teacher herself. Available at Potter Craft. Link.
For all you quilt lovers comes the Quilts of Provence: The Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking by Kathyrn Berenson. Berenson shows you some of the details and history of French quilts and some techniques on how you can recreate some of the same artistry. I loved reading about the history of Provence’s white wedding quilt traditions and all the details of the iconography. It’s a beautiful book that can also be displayed on your coffee table. Available at Potter Craft. Link.
Mesaccessoires Ladrogurerie
Merci to Susan Beal who just let me borrow this great craft book she got from a friend in Paris. It’s apparently from this craft boutique that’s all over France called, La Droguerie. (If anyone knows more about this store please post a comment!)This is their current book, Mes Accessoires which covers all kinds of knitting, crochet, and jewelry projects. I love the photos and the accompanying project how-tos which have cute french handwriting and illustrations to make it feel like a project sketchbook. I’m not sure if they will do overseas shipping but the contact info for the store is on the web site. Mes Accessoires is 25,50 Euros or 18,50 Euros for the other book titles which also look pretty cool. Link.
I’ve been subscribing to Marie Claire Idées for the last 3 years now and it’s been one of the best magazines to enjoy crafts and practice reading French. I also love seeing all the seasonal themes and the needlepoint (point de croix) projects just can’t be beat! Subscribing is easy via Amazon. Link.