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If the Maker movement had a soundtrack I think there might be couple songs from Lullatone & Loud Objects / Tristan Perich/1-Bit Music. I went to Glasslands Gallery in NY, it’s a warehouse-like space in Williamsburg that had a few bleepity-bloop electronic sampled music acts in one evening. Loud Objects being a live soldering show that screams out at you with Tristan drumming out in the end, a great contrast of meat and machine (the 1-bit music CD comes with chips too)… Lullatone is from Japan and there at one point I thought I was in a 3rd grade music class taken over by Hello Kitty, Super Mario and maybe a truck of sugar…. Good times –Link.

Does Making things have a sound? Post up your fave bands in the comments (the more DIY music instrument the better)…