L.A.’s hometown treasure Charles Phoenix–a retro-obsessed “histotainer” known for his irreverent and hilarious slideshow performances–has an amazing new show coming up that’s sure to be of interest to all you crafty types out there. Bob Baker: This is Your Life is a “colorful tribute to the world’s greatest puppeteer…and puppet show extravaganza”. If you don’t know about the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, you’re missing out on one of L.A.’s greatest hidden treasures. As Charles explains:

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is one of the most wonderful, bizarre time warp-ish places I’ve ever been. When you walk in the door you will ask yourself “What decade am I in?” The Los Angeles-sun-soaked exterior is a stark contrast to the timeless classic red velvet interior where countless audiences have enjoyed the puppet parade since 1961. This place is as authentic as it is timeless. Then the show starts and…well, its difficult to explain. You’re in another world–Bob Baker’s world. It’s all from the heart. He is a king of creativity; dean of arts and crafts. After all, these puppets didn’t make themselves.

You’ll marvel at the amazing handcrafted vintage marionettes as Charles tells the story of Bob’s life and career via slides, photos, and film clips. After his presentation, there will be a special performance by Bob Baker himself, culminating in a cake ‘n’ ice cream social in the festive Party Room. Don’t miss this retro-fun (and super crafty) experience! Shows happen August 30 & 31, September 1 & 2. Show times, info and tickets are on Charles’s site. Link.