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You probably remember Boston Dynamics’ BigDog, the four-legged robotic packmule, the video of which went viral last year. Here’s the latest BD creation, LittleDog. It’s astonishing, when a robot becomes this adept, ambulatory, how organic it seems, life-like. The robot: it plans. And there’s something uniquely unsettling about that.

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18 thoughts on “Insanely cool, creepy “LittleDog” robot

  1. It’s amazing. Creepier than the BigDog – I think because it combines behaviors we associate with different kinds of animals. It’s mostly like a mammal, but it has insectish movements, and the head motion is a lot like what predators do when they’re trying to get a bead on motionless prey. If I saw it out in the wilds, I’d definitely run away.

  2. Strange in the beginning, but the second part of that video is absolutely amazing. People are constantly afraid of stuff happening like “AI” and “I Robot” but I think if we embrace it more, we can learn to love them. I can’t wait to see this technology evolve over time.

  3. I have a puppy, and the movements this robot makes are eerily similar. It moves slow, but the movements it does make seem very natural, like a blind cat feeling its way across uneven terrain.

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