IRobot released their new Looj gutter-cleaning robot ($99) today and showed off their forthcoming ConnectR, a telepresence bot built on (literally) the success of the Roomba line of bots. The ConnectR has the same basic form-factor as Roomba with a webcam mounted on it. It can be controlled over the Web and offers remote audio and video for what iRobot has dubbed “virtual visiting.” Can’t wait to how this one gets hacked up. First order of business might be extending that camera on a stalk. Somehow, I don’t see granny and gramps getting down on the rug for your once a month “virtual visits.”

The ConnectR will be released next year and retail for $499. The company is taking candidates for a beta-test program now which’ll allow you to get the bot for $199.

iRobot ConnectR Virtual Visiting Robot – [via] Link


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