End of the weekend – Are you making a walkotron?

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Did you get a chance to learn how to make your own walkman mellotron this weekend? Make sure to check it out and subscribe to get all of them downloaded automatically!

Watch the video – Link
Read the pdf – Link
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12 thoughts on “End of the weekend – Are you making a walkotron?

  1. Well, I found it interesting. Perhaps the only thing that bothered me with this project is the “consumer whore” aspect of it, needing to buy a bunch of walkmans, which at 2$ each, must be made out of ground up children.

  2. Hey JPMartineau,

    We found used walkmans for 2 bucks… were probably considerably more in the 80s. Of course the ultimate would be to make this out of those yellow sony sports walkmans… I love the design on those!

  3. This was a great project, and I hope to find time for it soon. Y’know what I’d like to see? A project that uses up a dozen CRT monitors. They are piling up all over the place. Never mind two bucks a pop, people will pay you to take them.

  4. Oh yeah, the yellow sports Walkmans were sweet.

    I guess it’s all good if it’s ’80s surplus that would have ended up in a landfill if not used!

    Oh Bre, BTW, I made the first weekend project. The workbench. It’s a simple build, and it’s rock solid. Love it.

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