The Machinist’s phonograph

Roy writes –

The above machine, built by me, plays both 2 minute and 4 minute cylinders. The lead screw speed can be changed by moving its drive belt to a set of adjacent pulleys. With the use of different sleeves the tone arm can be raised upon its mount to accommodate pathe intermediate and 5 inch cylinders. Different diameter mandrels can also be easily attached to the drive spigot. The lead screw has 6½ inches of usable travel so it will also accommodate the longer 6 inch Columbia cylinders.

The current tone arm cartridge holds BSR 78 sapphire stylus. Eventually this will be replaced by a Stanton cartridge. For 2 minute wax cylinders a glass ball stylus is used (the design of which is courtesy of Mr Lomas. see: phonograph makers’ pages)

The knob at the front controls the speed of the AC motor. Its original purpose was a wall mounted switch designed for a domestic fan. Speed selection is done by ear. Though a strobe light is a possible future addition.

The Machinist’s phonograph – Link.

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