It’s the end of the weekend, have you made vampire fangs?


If you’ve ever wanted vampire fangs, this is the video for you, get your materials, and join the legion of the undead. Subscribe in iTunes and get it downloaded automatically! Subscribe Link

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12 thoughts on “It’s the end of the weekend, have you made vampire fangs?

  1. I got to the final step with the nail acryllic, and I’ve failed two times at getting the consistency right. It smells BAD, and it just forms a goo, never getting solid enough to roll into a ball and put on my teeth model. At least I ended up with a plaster model of my teeth!

  2. This is one I wanted to try, but there are no local dealers of smooth-on products in my state. I don’t think I can get all the stuff I need until after Halloween.

  3. oh come on!! i was going to do this for the halloween DIY contest… was goin2 use Friendly plastic instead of the acrylic… sigh… guess i’ll have to think of something else…

  4. I got the alginate and plaster (in place of hard to find smooth-on) from Opus, an art supply store in Vancouver. It’s just a normal art supply store, so you could probably get this stuff at any craft or art store.

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