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Samurai Garbage Collector!

Check out this ridiculously cool samurai costume made almost entirely out of Rubbermaid garbage cans.

Halloween Samurai 2007 – [via] Link

22 thoughts on “Samurai Garbage Collector!

  1. Is there anychance that you could send me the patterns for your body armor and your shoulder armor. I am trying to build a set of armor and your is the coolest i have seen yet. My e-mail is

    Hope you can help?

  2. That has to be one the best mock ups I’ve seen. If you would allow it, I would love to do my own for Halloween this year? Please email me so we can discuss it!

  3. i find this to be the coolest thing ever, i would never thought of making samurai armor out of garbage cans, i always wanted samurai armor but didn’t want to pay a lot of money i would like to make one for my self if you could send me the blue prints for the armor that would be amazing, please let me know eather way my email is www, please let me know thank you and keep up the good work

  4. I was just wandering if i could get the plans to make that armor you have there, its very impressive if i might say, but im working on my gear for halloween and i can use the help. thanks

  5. how much woudl you sell?

    or print designs?

    Lately I’ve been wanting to make a samurai movie and you’ve truly inspired me.

    Do you want to join the team/ help?

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