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A world made of Spam makes us appreciate it more


This world map made of Spam looks tasty doesn’t it? After the proliferation of Spam as a ration by the US Army in WWII, this disgusting substance has invaded the rest of the planet as a standard source of meat. From the site, apparently “Spam’s diasporic nature is symbolic of America’s ongoing influence on many nations. S-P-A-M is M-A-P-S in reverse.”

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10 thoughts on “A world made of Spam makes us appreciate it more

  1. Your tone and via link url are inconsistent with the positive experience I’ve come to enjoy from MAKE publications. For a moment there I thought I was reading boingboing drivel.

  2. I do not like Greenland and Spam, I do not like it on a map, I do not like it in my lap.

    Do you think they have any maps that don’t have quite so much spam?

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