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When I was a kid, I lived for rockets, both modeled and those build by NASA. I haven’t been involved in the hobby for years, but whenever I see a rocketry mag at a newsstand, I buy it and fantasize about maybe diving in again. Of course, since I was a kid, hobby rocketry has gotten a tad… extreme. There’s even a magazine dedicated to the more intense practitioners and their multi-storied birds. It’s called, fittingly enough, Extreme Rocketry. The November 07 issue has recently been announced.

Extreme Rocketry – Link


  • Model, sport rocketry reference source – Link
  • Estes educator – Free resources for model rocketry – Link
  • Transmitter/receiver/camera system for rocketry – Link
  • AERO-PAC: High Power Amateur Rocketry – Link

From the pages of MAKE:

Happy Blastoff. Smoke, sound, and fury at the Large Dangerous Rocket Ship launchpad. Read this article in MAKE: 10: Home Electronics, Page 48. Subscribers–read this article now in your digital edition or click here to subscribe.

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  1. I haven’t read that magazine in particular but several years ago I used to read “High Powered Rocketry” and was totally fascinated with some of the rocket engines those people had built. I personally want to build the “Gerald Polytronic” engine but it looks like it’d be a pain to build on a small scale and my friend who IS a rocket scientist has yet to tell me if the guy’s design would actually work without exploding.

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