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Sometimes it can be so frustrating to have people you want to give a T-shirt to who are far away and inaccessible on the upper decks of stadiums. They wave their hands in desperation with such hope and joy at the possibility of receiving a T-shirt from you, but you know in your heart that they won’t, because your throwing arm just isn’t capable of hurling a T-shirt into the upper decks …

Fear not, your problem may be solved this weekend if you attempt to build this awesome air-powered, solenoid control valved, tough-looking T-shirt cannon! I collaborated with William Gurstelle, author of Whoosh, Boom, Splat. It’s
fun and exciting to work with Bill!

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12 thoughts on “T-Shirt Cannon – Weekend Projects Podcast

  1. I made one of these a year or two ago. I just used the valve stem from a popped inner tube of a bicycle tire to connect the pump and gun together. That way you can disconnect the pump and the chamber stays pressurized.

  2. Hi Bre, great video, if you switch the quick release coupling so the tire pump has the male coupler and the pressure tank has the female coupler, the pressure tank will stay pressurized when you disconnect the pump from the rig. The female coupler has a valve built into it that automatically closes when you remove disconnect the coupling.

    best, eric


  3. you can stop by the tire or auto parts store they sell schrader valves that you can screw together and wont leak . while you are there pick up the schrader valve tool as well.

  4. Hey Bre,
    Great video! Just wondering if you could send me a link or give me any more info about the solenoid valve. Thanks in advance!
    Joe R

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