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Your own personal moon


The “Moon in My Room” puts a whole new slant on astronomy. It cycles through all of the moon’s 12 natural phases when you click the remote control or can be setup to cycle automatically. Now you can finally produce a lunar eclipse with the shadow of your head.

Moon in My Room – Link, [via]

10 thoughts on “Your own personal moon

  1. Where the heck was that when I was going nuts making this is what I want to know. Anybody opened one up yet? I would really like to know what’s inside.

  2. I was getting ready to make one when these hit the market. We bought one of these for my son -the real moon is like a security blanket / talisman for him, but we don’t always have clear skies. He even has this cute little ritual to stop crying where he ‘puts all his crying into the moon’. Anyway, it has 5 white LED’s inside and curved blinders so that the first time you click the remote, one small sliver of the moon is illuminated, then with the next click a second one lights up, too. It goes to full then wanes until only the far left sliver is lit up (the first one, on the far right, goes dark after the full moon, etc). The remote is IR and has an ‘on-off’, a ‘next phase’ and an ‘auto’ button that cycles the phases every few seconds. The moon itself also has a photosensor so that it only works when the room is dark enough. The IR receiver is not visible from the outside; they’ve done a nice job on the whole thing. Two “AA” cells last for, I dunno four months or so with intermittent use. Haven’t had to replace the two “AAA” cells in the tx.

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