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Accordion Hero makes you want others in the genre


This version of the mega hit game “Guitar Hero” lets you punk out with your own accordion. That’s just the kind of impetus I need to fashion my own version of the game like “Recorder Hero”, “Ukulele Hero”, “Castanet Hero”, ahh the possibilities are endless. Still, it’s a nicely done game mod.

Spiele – Accordian Hero II, Link, [via]

16 thoughts on “Accordion Hero makes you want others in the genre

  1. Since it’s not April Fool’s Day I’m guessing you guys don’t know that Schadenfreude Interactive is a fake company that just puts out spoofs? They don’t actually sell this stuff.

  2. If it was real (which it obviously isn’t), I’d get it. and actually, would be kind of a fun mod to do if you run across a broken GH guitar. Have the strumming done when you squeeze or open the accordion, etc. And if you really wanted to get crazy, make a mod for Frets on Fire; do up a bunch of songs with accordions, hack a keyboard for part of the controller, etc.

  3. I love the names of the company’s staff:
    (My German is poor, so this is approximate)
    I detect a pythonesque theme.
    Mörderhäschen -Murderer Bunny
    Käsegeschäft- Cheese Shop
    Crispin Frosch – Crunchy frog

    The other’s look suspicious to me too, but alas mein Deutsch ist schlect!

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