These little books make the best gifts and stocking stuffers, the latest ones just arrived! Give the gift of conversion, handyman in your pocket, PC, woodworker and the old fave – Pocket Ref.

Measure for Measure Pocket Reference
The Most Comprehensive Conversion Factor Book in the World! This book sets a new standard for accurate, user-friendly conversion factor references. Specifically designed for engineers, scientists, teachers, students, maintenance, construction and industrial workers. 1st Edition – Link.

Handyman In-Your-Pocket Reference
Finally, the building and maintenance reference book you have been looking for! This amazing new shirt pocket reference is designed specifically for handymen, maintenance people, engineers, scientists, industrial workers, contractors, and builders. It contains 768 pages of facts, tables, and vital information AND it fits in your shirt pocket! – Link.

PC Pocket Reference
The concise PC computer reference for the novice and seasoned professional! This great book has been around since 1991, yet each successive annual edition contains more and new, up-to-date reference information for PC computers. The new 13th Edition is 4″ x 6″ size and 1088 pages. Contains new information you cannot easily find any where else! – Link.

Woodworkers Pocket Ref
Sized for a shop apron, this handy reference is packed with tips and answers to all of your woodworking questions in an easy to read and quick to find format.

Answers you’ll find inside:

  • Characteristics of Popular Woods
  • Types of fasteners and their uses
  • Basic types of joints and their strengths
  • Shop math and formulas
  • Common hand and power tools and their uses
  • How to choose a workbench and setup a workshop
  • Putting an edge on a cutting tool
  • and much more!

Woodworkers Pocket Ref – Link.

Pocket Reference
All the reference information anyone needs on virtually any subject is right at the fingertips in this handy pocket-sized guide. Its tables, charts, drawings, lists, and formulas will be especially useful for contractors, students, travelers, electronics hobbyists, craftspeople, and engineers and technicians in virtually every field – Link.