Massive geek rummage THIS WEEKEND in Providence, RI

Providence Free Geek Rummag

J from ArtInRuins wrote in with this amazing rummage opportunity in Providence, RI on Saturday:

A friend of mine is redeveloping a former electrical parts warehouse on the West Side of Providence. He has an old basement full of diodes, wires, cable, transistors, heat sinks, timer clocks, clamps, gaskets, speaker grills, cable clamp downs, etc… that he needs to give to a good home.

This weekend he will be hosting a “rummage”. Come down, check it out, and poke around. Take what you want. There is a lot of great stuff there, a quarter of which I know what to do with.

Weather permitting, this rummage will start at 12 noon on Saturday, December 1315 and end at 4pm. The warehouse is located at 28 Wolcott Street, Providence, RI. I had a chance to check it out, and there’s lots of cool stuff there; not just the components that J mentioned, but also some interesting equipment you can see in the photo above. Some of the equipment (which includes a couple of oscilloscopes, at least at the moment) is in need of repair, but I think there’s something for everyone here. It’s free for the taking, and the good stuff will probably go first, so if you’re thinking of checking it out, don’t… just get yourself down there on Saturday!

18 thoughts on “Massive geek rummage THIS WEEKEND in Providence, RI

  1. Very civilized of them to start at 12 noon. The usual yard sale starts at 8 a.m., which means the bargain-hunters start ringing your doorbell at 5 a.m.!

  2. “Abject” works pretty well. Abject chaos would be “chaos of the most contemptable kind”, like somebody starting a fistfight over an oscilliscope, which then turns into an office-supply-throwing, leatherman-weilding, no-holds-barred brawl.

    Not that I think anyone will do that.

  3. i wanna thank all the nice people for behaving so well and not making a total mess of the place. after spending the week there sorting through the boxes and throwing out the moldy junk, it was great to see so many things get saved from certain dumpsterdom. we look forward to seeing what everybody makes with their new parts and toys.

    – 13

  4. Thanks for all the great stuff 13rian. I will never have to buy another spade connector as long as I live. Now I’m off to Ebay to see if I can find some film strips. I wish I could travel back in time and tell my seven year old self that some day I will own my own film strip projector.

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