New on MAKE – Podcast section and comment WITHOUT an account!

Make Pt0175
Some new updates on the MAKE site, first we have a new section just for the podcasts… Check it out here – Link.

It features the expanded player and has a better view in to everything we do with online video here at MAKE.

Make Pt0176
Next up, by popular request – when you want to comment on MAKE you don’t need to sign in, just comment and use the captcha (numbers) to post a comment. We’ll have other updates in 2008 but we wanted to share these right away!

To celebrate, post a comment on this entry about something you’re going to make in 2008 and I’ll pick a winner at the end of the day. The winner will get one of our NEW Pocket Refs!!!

28 thoughts on “New on MAKE – Podcast section and comment WITHOUT an account!

  1. I’ll make my bed–at least once–promise!


    P.S. Yay for no-login comments. (But how will you ID the winner? :-) )

  2. Sweet, comments!

    Well, I am planning on making an autonomous vehicle, sort of mini-DARPAGrandChallenge-style. It’s gonna be a plain old remote control truck with some sensors and an Arduino with a breadboard protoshield strapped to the back, which will serve as its brains.

  3. Anonymous comments, yay!
    But, indeed, how will you identify/contact the winner?

    Anyways, I’m planning on embedding an old flip-style clock into a 5 1/2″ drive bay… and since the tiles are black with white numbers, I’m thinking I’ll shine some UV LED’s at it so I can see it at night.

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