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A Calendar Laser Etched Into Fingernails

Martin and I engraved a calendar on our fingernails. As the months pass, we’ll cut them off!

42 thoughts on “Laser Engraving Fingernails

  1. Interesting idea, seems kind of a stupid thing to do though. Also I think you would try to fit 3 months or so on the fingernail, unless you have a vitamin deficiency I think your nails will grow faster than you calendar.

  2. I’d say this clearly falls into the “don’t try this at home” category…

    Bet it was painful when the thumb on the right got nailed on the cuticle!

  3. the sickly yellow color just makes me remember the smell of burning flesh and the gross orange-yellow color on my finger when i burned it with a soldering iron

  4. I’ve got some free time at work here and this gives me an idea!! We have Universal 45 watt lasers, what power setting where you using? muuahahahaa! >:)

  5. Beside the obvious burn hazards for your skin, anyone trying to attempt this might consider wearing some eye protection rated for the laser you are using. These systems work by using a set of mirrors around the perimeter of the box so the laser isn’t coming directly from the moving head like an inkjet printer.

  6. An interesting use for a laser, but absolutely atrocious video camera handling, vast editing and cutting needed, and a rather silly thing to do with ones valuable digits.

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