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While in Berlin, Tim Pritlove, interviewed me for his radio show: Chaosradio Express International. It’s the English-language branch of his German radio show. The 15 English podcasts will make you want to learn German to hear the rest of his German podcasts! We had a great conversation about hacking, education, and we chatted at length about hacker spaces and CCC. You can go listen to it on the page, or download the mp3.

Chaosradio (German) – Link
Chaosradio International (English) – Link

10 thoughts on “Chaos Radio Express International Interview

  1. Haha and i wondered why cccs download speed was down to mid nineties modem speeds.
    Guess slashdotted, bluesnewsed and heised have a new family member… makezined.

  2. The problem was more that we had server problems AND the 24C3 online at the same time (which was a bad idea). But things should be running smoothly now. Thanks for mentioning the podcast Bre. it was big fun having you in Berlin. Looking forward to meet all your friends when you return for 25C3.

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