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FunnyPolynomial squeezed a modified LEDkit.biz red LED clock into a stylish Digital Multimeter case! – Link.

From the Maker store:
With the LEDkitâ„¢ solderless clock kit, you create a giant — 9″ x 5″ — super bright self-standing clock only 1/8″ thick that keeps accurate time — even during power failures up to 1 minute. Change the brightness at the push of a button. The digits fade smoothly when the time changes — minimizing distraction. Automatically synchronize multiple clocks. Easy to assemble & no soldering required! The unique wiring pattern doesn’t need a traditional PCB with tiny parallel tracks on it. You simply twist the LED leads directly to other leads. Only six conductors enter the panel! Also available with Blue LEDs. Requires 60Hz (USA/Canada) electrical power. LED Clock Kit -Red – Link.