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Anti-hitcher device and roller (tank) skates

Lrg Anti Hitch Shocker
Shocking anti-hitcher device, Link.

Lrg Tread Skates
Roller (tank) skates – Link.

14 thoughts on “Anti-hitcher device and roller (tank) skates

  1. I had the same plan as the first one for bike anti theft,
    using disposable cameras for the juice and putting the eletrodes on the handle bar.

  2. I had no idea that this was ever a problem requiring fix. Were the riders sitting on the bumper itself?

    Growing up in Vermont, we would occasionally grab a bumper with both hands and crouch — riding on the soles of our boots over snow. It wasn’t something you could do over any great distance, nor was it for the timid.


    Dug North

  3. I remember seeing something like those skates on tv back in the late 80’s. The idea was that a downhill skier could use them on grass during the summer as a way of training in the absence of snow.

  4. One old usage of the word kink seems to mean something like fix, jig, setup, or hack. It is implied that this is something done post-manufacture by the owner/user.

    It’s used often in an old book I have from 1929 entitled How to Make It.


    Dug north

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