Graffiti Reseach Lab Live From Sundance

I am visiting Sundance Film Festival with Graffiti Research Lab where GRL premiered Graffiti Research Lab: the Complete First Season. Besides spending a lot of time freezing outside with Laser Tag, GRL also debuted the Beat Case.

The Beat Case is a portable audio system built to help the Palestinian rappers Dam and PR, here for the movie Slingshot Hip Hop, perform around Park CIty. The Beat Case includes a microphone and line level inputs, is battery powered, and all fits inside a Pelican case. An Instructable for the Beat Case will be coming soon. You can see more photos and hijinks at the Graffiti Research Lab web site. – Link

8 thoughts on “Graffiti Reseach Lab Live From Sundance

  1. I don’t see how any misunderstandings could occur with a couple of Palestinian rappers carrying around a large Pelican case stuffed full of electronics.


    Slap some Hello Kitty stickers on that thing, stat!

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